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What is the tuition for Dance Dimensions?

Registration — Requires completion of a form for our records and an annual registration fee of $25 for the first student and $10 for each additional student in a family.

Class Fees — Fees are based on an 8 week session per family. The studio offers a family discount for multiple classes. This discount is found below or in the studio brochure.

3/4-1 hour per week

1 1/2 hours per week

2 hours per week

3 hours per week

4 hours per week

5 hours per week

Class fee per hour

For special rates for students with a larger amount of classes, please stop by the front desk.

Tuition Policy — Tuition is due the first class of each 8-week session and will be pro-rated only for new students who join after the session has started. These rates apply only if a full session’s tuition is paid on time. Please note: a $10 late fee will be applied to all payments not submitted on time for returning students. Tuition will not be altered for holidays or other missed classes. However, if class falls on a holiday when the studio is closed, you are entitled to a make-up class. Students may also make-up other missed classes in a class approved by the instructor.

Session dates:
July 5 – August 26
August 28 – October 21
October 23 – December 16
January 8 – March 3
March 5 – May 5
May 7 – June 30

* All fees are subject to change. Contact the studio front desk to confirm current prices.

What types of classes does Dance Dimensions offer?

What is the class schedule for Dance Dimensions?

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