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There's always something exciting happening at Dance Dimensions!

Celebrating 25 Years — June 2017

Come celebrate 25 years of Dance Dimensions excellence at this one-of-a-kind summer show.
Order your tickets today!

United We Dance — June 2016

Well done to all of the Dance Dimensions dancers that united for an amazing summer show.

Dance: A Family Affair — June 2015

Congratulations to all of our incredible dancers, and they're amazing families, on another successful June show!

Stars of the Red Carpet — June 2014

The stars were out at the Dance Dimensions 2014 annual recital. Congratulations to all the amazing dancers on another incredible show!

Jump Dance Competition — January 2014

WOW!! What a great weekend! And even though it was probably the longest weekend we have had at competition, I am so proud of all our dancers for hanging tough! It takes a lot of energy to make it through a really long day like the Friday of competition, then classes, then MORE competition and then MORE CLASSES! WOW! In case you missed any of our competition results, here's a recap...

Our Gold Awards:
“Dead in the Water”
“Silent Voices”

Our High Silver Awards:
“Breath of Life”
“Doin' Time for Being Young”
“From Where You Are”
“Off the Rails”
“Runaway, Baby” “Rivalry”
“Send Me On My Way”

Scholarship Awards:

Tap scholarship:
Abby Cooper
Mia Peterson
Samantha Winston

Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical scholarship:
Sam Anderson
Miranda Huerta
Emma Reimer

Ballet scholarship:
Alivia Sidman

Thanks to the directors & choreographers of KineDanCo, who create wonderful pieces for them, too, and help shape our young girls into the wonderful dancers they are!

Kinetic Dance Company Wins Multiple Awards at Dupree Dance Competition
Bolingbrook Patch Article

Dupree Dance Competition — October 2013

Watch out world! The Kinetic Dance Company is just getting better and better every day! In case you missed any of our competition results, or want a really nice page for your scrapbook, here's a recap...

Our Diamond Awards:
“Dead in the Water”
“Doctor Doctor”
“Silent Voices”

Our Platinum Awards:
“Breath of Life”
“From Where You Are”
“Mack the Knife”
“Off the Rails”
“Runaway, Baby”

Our Gold Awards:
“Defying Gravity”
“Doin' Time for Being Young”
“Minion Mambo”

Our Silver Awards:
“Brand New Day”
“Send Me On My Way”
“Wild Wild West”

The Unique Award:“Silent Voices”
Connected to Choreography Award:“Dead in the Water”
Great Visual Award:“Off the Rails”
Overall 2nd Place in the Solo/duo/trio beginner level:“Troublemaker”
Overall 4th Place in the Solo/duo/trio advanced level:“Clarity”
Overall 1st Place in the Solo/duo/trio advanced level:“Dead in the Water”
Overall 2nd Place in the group/line/production beginner level:“Off the Rails”
Overall 1st Place in the group/line/production beginner level:“From Where You Are”
Overall 3rd Place in the group/line/production advanced level:“Breath of Life”
Overall 1st Place in the group/line/production advanced level:“Silent Voices”

Scholarship finalists:

Abby Cooper
Mia Peterson
Lexi Sells
Abby Transon
Samantha Winston


WOW!! What a great weekend! I am completely speechless at the amazing job that our girls did this year.

You Can't Stop The Dance — June 2013

We couldn't stop it, but everyone enjoyed the dance. Another successful June recital.

Elements — February 2013

The Kinetic Dance Company's performances had all the right ELEMENTS! Congratulations to all of our amazing dancers. Thank you for your support.

Dupree Dance Competition — October 2012

Congratulations to everyone in the KDC family for an amazing weekend at the Dupree Dance Convention & Competition. We were absolutely fabulous!

Our Platinum Awards:
“Avian Allure”
“Finish Line”
“Love, Not Lightly”
“When You Live”

Our Gold Awards:
“Breathe Me”
“Caribbean Blue”
“Cooties ”
“Get It Girl”
“Jailhouse Rock”
“New Girl in Town”
“Nicest Kids in Town”
“Rockin' Robin”
“You Can't Stop the Beat”

Breath of Fresh Air Award:“Breathe Me”
Beautiful Choreography Award:“Love, Not Lightly”
1st place high score:“Runner”
2nd place high score:“Avian Allure” & “Love, Not Lightly”
Diamond-award-winning Dads Dance:“Real Men Do Dance”

Scholarship call-back students:

Mia (tap & jazz), Sam (tap & jazz), Hannah (tap), Abby (ballet), Cira (ballet & jazz), Emma (ballet & jazz) and Celeste (ballet & jazz),

Alivia (tap, ballet & jazz), Bridget (tap), Ketlly (tap) and Jaida (tap)

Annie (ballet), Lexi (ballet & jazz), Hannah (ballet), Sam (ballet & jazz), Abby (tap) and Cori (tap)

Scholarship finalists:

Trainees — Mia Peterson
Juniors — Alivia Sidman, Bridget Sullivan and Kelly Boden
Seniors — Samantha Winston and Hannah Sennett



20 Year Remix — June 2012

20 years of dancing hasn't slowed us down. We mixed things up again with a show that had us remembering the past, cheering the present and looking forward to the next 20 years. Thank you for celebrating this momentous occassion with us!

Beyond Words — February 2012

The Kinetic Dance Company once again dazzled crowds with a performance that was simply beyond words. Congratulations to all of our amazing dancers!

Dupree Dance Competition — October 2011

Congratulations and thank you for a terrific convention weekend. I think this was absolutely, positively, undeniably one of our best weekends!! And I'll tell you why... Our members ROCKED!!!

1st Place Overall Intermediate Group Award: “Seating Arrangement”

Our Platinum Awards:
“Seating Arrangement”
“Warwick Avenue”
“It's A Dad Life”

Our Gold Awards:
“KDC Rocks”
“Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows”
“Who Do You Think You Are”
“Why Should I Worry”

Our Silver Awards:
“Better Together”
“Walking On Air”
“Ruby Blue”
“Hold On”

Scholarship Winner: Cara Boden

Dupree All-Star Dancer Award: Emily David

Scholarship Audition Finalists:
Cara Boden
Cori Bogdan
Andi Cooper
Emily David
Samantha Winston


Night & Day — June 25, 2011

Congratulations to ALL the dancers — young and old — that rocked the stage at the recital this weekend!

Dance Makers Inc. Competition — April 2011

Overall Entertainment Award: “Tribute to the Red, White & Blue”
76 numbers and they chose this one as their most entertaining for the night ... WOW! I am soooo proud of all of you and you should be, too. For this award and all the other ones!

Our First Place Awards:
“Can't Touch This”
“Fix You”
“History Repeating”
“I'm Still Here”
“Just a Dream”
“Make Me”
“Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”
“R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.”
“Send It On”
“Something About the Sunshine”
“Stars and Stripes”
“Tribute to the Red, White & Blue”
“Two Lights”
“Woman's Worth”

Our Second Place Awards:
“Build It Anyway”
“Guardian Angel”
“Let's Dance”
“One Day” —
“Rodeo: Hoedown”
“Shake Your Groove Thing”

Our Teacher Honorable Mentions:
Cole (4 times!)
Carissa (Go MINI!)

Power of One — February 2011

KDC rocked the show two fabulous times! Congratulations to our dancers who absolutely amazed and awed our audiences. Thanks to all who came and supported our great dance company … can't wait until we can do it again.

Dancing the Days Away — June 2010

Congratulations to all the wonderful dancers on another great recital. It was truly a day to remember.

Soul To Sole — February 2010

The Kinetic Dance Company soared as they celebrated the spirit of dance.

Congratulations to all of our KDC dancers. You we're incredible!

Chicago Dance Connection Convention/Competition — January 2010

Outstanding Choreography Award:
“The Con” — Hannah Jahn

Overall Awards (by category):
“Mickey” — 2nd place in Novelty
“For Good” — 1st place in Ballet
“All-4-One” — 1st place in Musical Theatre
“It's Not Right” — 3rd place in Jazz/Hip Hop
“Feeling Like This” — 1st place in Ballet (seniors)
“I Want It All” — 3rd place in Musical Theatre

Gold Awards:
“Mickey” — Junior Company

High Silver Awards:
“Maybe Tonight-Maybe Tomorrow” — Full Company
“All-4-One” — Full Company
“Lullaby” — Senior Apprentice
“Time of My Life” — Ashley Hoffman
“Two Hands” — Junior Corps
“Belief” — Beata Bednarczyk

Silver Awards:
“Lullaby of Broadway” — Tap Company
“Popeye Polka” — Tap Quintet
“Redstruck” — Hip Hop Company
“For Good” — Ballet Company
“Ordinary Miracles” — Junior Apprentice
“I Don't Dance” — Trainees
“It's Not Right, But It's OK” — Senior Corps
“The Con” — Senior Company
“It's the Only One You've Got” — Senior Corps
“I Want it All” — Senior Company

High Bronze Awards:
“Wake Up America” — Becky Wolfe
“Black and Gold” — Senior Apprentice
“Feeling Like This” — Ballet Company

Scholarship Awards:
Beata Bednarczyk, April Butcher, Anna Henry, Emily David and Lexi Sells — FREE attendance to next year's convention!

iDance — June 2009

The Dance Dimensions 2009 Recital, iDance, was a huge hit. Here are just a few of the exciting moments captured from the show:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

LADF Convention/Competition — March 2009

Gold Awards:
“Ma Maison” — Full Company
“Bitterly” — Hanna Jahn solo

Silver Awards:
“My Wish” — Ashley Hoffman solo
“No Sleep Tonight” — Beata Bednarczyk solo
“Move It” — Trainees
“Sleep” — Junior Apprentice
“Bang A Drum” — Junior Corps
“Eat It” — Junior Company
“One Last Breath” — Senior Company
“Just Dance” — Senior Company
“Jeux Deau” — Becky Wolf, Sarah Gresik, Lexi Sondej, Emily David & Jessica Bartolome
“Forever” — Hip Hop Company B
“Damaged” — Hip Hop Company A
“Believe” — Full Company
“Voice” — Anna Kopsky, Anna Henry, Alivia Sidman, Tia Sondej

Scholarship Awards:
Anna Henry and Ally Horn — FREE attendance to LADF next year!
Hannah Jahn — Four weeks in Los Angeles, unlimited dancing at the Edge

Eat Sleep Dance — February 2009

As the title suggested, the show was focused on the necessities of life. Showing the commitment to their art, the KDC dancers pulled off another successful show!

DuPree Convention/Competition — October 2008

Gold Awards:
“One Last Breath” — Senior Company
“Ladies Choice” — Hanna Jahn solo
“Bitterly” — Hanna Jahn solo

Silver Awards:
“Ma Maison” — Full Company
“My Wish” — Ashley Hoffman solo
“Sweet Dreams” — Junior Corps
“Hopeful” — Junior Corp/Senior Company
“I'm Free” — Senior Company
“Forever” — Hip Hop Company B

Bronze Awards:
“Move It” — Trainees
“Stand” — Junior Apprentice
“Damaged” — Hip Hop Company A

Scholarship Awards:
Ashley Hoffman, Beata Bednarczyk and Sarah Gresik — FREE attendance to DuPree next year!

Extra Extra — June 2008

To celebrate the 15 Year Anniversary of Dance Dimensions, the dancers put on a blockbuster performance. It was a spectacular event filled with special appearances from the studio's history.

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