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About Carl Linder

Carl Linder has been teaching and dancing, together with Karrie Willis, since 2001. As a team, they have performed and provided instuction at numerous venues for many different clients including Frankie's Blue Room, The Barn of Barrington, Pheasant Run Resort, The Willowbrook Ballroom, Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Chicago Bulls, Wheaton College, CDW Corporation, MBNA and others. They even performed in the 2003 Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Carl and Karrie have over 32 combined years of teaching experience. Carl teaches martial arts and Karrie teaches students in grades 3-5 for a living. They both love to teach, and that, combined with their experience, is what makes them well respected dance instructors.

They are well known for their ability to break down any dance movement for any student at any level. Carl's zany personality while on the teaching floor is another reason for their immense popularity. Not only do they teach, but they constantly strive to continue their own dance educationby taking numerous classes, private lessons, and by attending workshops and dance camps throughout the U.S.

Carl and Karrie have trained under the best instructors the world has to offer: Steven Mitchell and Virginie, Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas, Sylvia Sykes, Erik and Sylvia, Eddie and Eva, Kenneth and Helena Norbelie, Peter Strom, Andrew Twiss and more.

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